Function   /auction/bid/list

Function invocation

Function description

Returns the list of bids in auction.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
auctionId integer YES Auction identifier
size integer 5000 Paging: number of list elements
start integer 0 Paging: starting list element

Return value

List of bids in auction (list of structures with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
auctionId integer Auction identifier
auctionid string Bidder's nick (deprecated and unused, this value is now given in 'bidderId' field)
bidId integer Bid identifier
price float Bid price
currency string Bid currency
time integer Time as Unix timestamp, when bid was placed
bidderRating integer Bidder's rating
memberId string Bidder identifier (deprecated, this value is now given in 'bidderId' field)
bidderId string Bidder identifier
buyType string Selling document selected by the buyer (vat - invoice from, novat - invoice without vat from seller company, person - without document)