Function   /buyer/listing/buy

Function invocation

Function description

Purchases a domain for a Buy It Now price. The domain is purchased for a Buy It Now price indicated on the marketplace. An Escrow transaction is immediately started for the domain.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
check boolean false Only check for parameter correctness (deprecated and unused)
price float YES Buy It Now price, used for verification
currency string YES Buy It Now price currency, used for verification
name string YES Domain name
message string "" Message that will be sent the seller
noVat boolean false Set it up if you want to buy domain without VAT. This option works only if seller wants to sell domain without VAT. Depends on seller choice, you may not receive selling document
useCode boolean false Use bonus code

Return value

Listing buynow result (structure with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
orderId integer Order id
amount float Amount
currency string Currency amount
myAmount float Amount in member currency
myCurrency string Member's currency