Function   /check/seller/auction/option/add

Function invocation

Function description

Cost of add new future auction.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
priceBuyNow float 0 Buy It Now price
currency string "PLN" Auction currency
days integer YES Auction length in days (between 1 and 30)
hour integer YES Auction ending hour (between 0 and 23)
name string YES Name of the domain to be listed in auction
priceStart float YES Auction start price
private boolean false Private auction
priceMinimum float 0 Minimum price
saleType string "vat" Possible sales document (vat - invoice with VAT only, novat - invoice with VAT or invoice without VAT, person - invoice with VAT or sale without document)
text string "" Auction description
useCode boolean false Use bonus code

Return value

Cost result (structure with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
cost float Cost in main currency
currency string Main currency