Function   /contact/add

Function invocation

Function description

Create domain registration contact profile. Function used to create user's domain registration contact profile. Each managed domain has to have contact owner. Contact profile and synchronized in each domain registry. If contact profile is first for user, then it is set as default. Consent hide whois data is available for private person only.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
address string YES Address
address2 string "" Additional address part (deprecated, please enter the entire address in 'address' parameter)
city string YES City
company string "" Company (deprecated)
country string YES Country code
consent boolean false Hide whois data if possible (deprecated and unused)
email2 string "" Contact email address (deprecated, please use 'email' parameter)
email string YES Contact email address
fname string "" First name (deprecated)
lname string "" Last name (deprecated)
name string YES Domain owner name
person boolean true Contact represents private person
phone string YES Phone number (format: +CC.XXXXXXXXX, CC - country code)
fax string "" Fax number (format: +CC.XXXXXXXXX, CC - country code) (deprecated and unused)
pname string "" Profile name (deprecated, please use 'profileName' parameter)
profileName string YES Profile name
zip string YES Postal code

Return value

Created contact profile id (integer value).