Function   /domain/get

Function invocation

Function description

It returns the domain information on user account.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
name string YES Domain name

Return value

Domain information (structure with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
added int Domain addition time to user account
autorenew boolean Domain autorenewal
autorenewDays integer Days before domain expires when autorenewal process starts
catching int Domain catching members
contactId integer Domain contactId
cost float Domain costs
costNet float Domain costs (net amount)
costCurrency string Domain costs currency
deletion integer Domain deletion time
expires integer Domain expires time
ext string Domain extension
hasOption boolean Domain has option
hidden boolean Domain is hidden in managed list
hyphens boolean Domain name contains hyphens
inGroup boolean Domain is grouped on marketplace
isFunctional boolean Is domain functional
isGroup boolean Is group on marketplace
isRegional boolean Domain is regional
isRented boolean Domain rented or is being sold in installments to another user
length integer Domain name length
letters boolean Domain name contains letters
marketCurrency string Marketplace price currency
marketHirePlanId integer Marketplace hire plan identifier
marketMinPrice float Marketplace minimum price
marketPrice float Marketplace Buy It Now price
marketRental float Marketplace rental installment price
marketStatus string Domain status on marketplace (one of listing, auction, escrow, rental, hire, loanauction, loan, none)
marketViews integer Visits on domain offer site on marketplace in last 30 days
name string Domain name
nameIDN string Domain name (internationalized)
idn boolean Domain name contains national signs
note string Note
ns1 string Domain name server 1
ns2 string Domain name server 2
ns3 string Domain name server 3
ns4 string Domain name server 4
numbers boolean Domain name contains numbers
parking string Parking
parkingEarnings float Parking - Earnings in last 30 days
parkingCurrency string Parking - Earnings currency
parkingClicks integer Parking - Clicks in last 30 days
parkingViews integer Parking - Visits on site in last 30 days
parkingKeyword string Parking - Keyword
pendingOffers integer Domain pending offers
private boolean Domain hidden in WHOIS
purchaseCurrency string Purchase currency
purchasePrice float Domain purchase price
purchasePriceNet float Domain purchase price (net amount)
redirType string Redirection type
redirUrl string Redirection Url
registry string Domain registry
source string Domain source
tags string Domain tags
time integer Domain creation time
views integer Domain visits in last 30 days
watching integer Number of followers