Function   /listing/get

Function invocation

Function description

Returns the information about domain offered for sale.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
name string YES Domain name

Return value

The list of auctions (list of structures with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
active boolean Domain is set for sale (deprecated and unused)
allegroId integer Allegro auction identifier (deprecated and unused)
auctionBids integer Number of bids in an auction (deprecated, this value is given in 'offers' field)
auctionBinPrice float Auction Buy Now price (deprecated, this value is given in 'auctionPriceBuyNow' field)
auctionPriceBuyNow float Auction Buy Now price
auctionCurrency string Auction currency (deprecated, this value is given in 'currency' field)
auctionDutch boolean Auction is dutch (deprecated and unused)
auctionEndTime integer Auction end time as an Unix timestamp
auctionId integer Auction identifier
auctionPrice float Current price in an auction (deprecated, this value is given in 'price' field)
auctionReserve boolean Auction has reserve price
auctionStartTime integer Auction start time as an Unix timestamp (deprecated)
buyNowURL string External Buy It Now URL (deprecated and unused)
cat1 string Category 1
cat2 string Category 2
cat3 string Category 3
cat4 string Category 4
cat5 string Category 5
cat6 string Category 6
cat7 string Category 7
cat8 string Category 8
cat9 string Category 9
cat1Editable boolean Category 1 editable (deprecated and unused)
cat2Editable boolean Category 2 editable (deprecated and unused)
cat3Editable boolean Category 3 editable (deprecated and unused)
cat4Editable boolean Category 4 editable (deprecated and unused)
categoriesEditable string Categories editable (deprecated and unused)
currency string Listing currency
earnings float Earnings
earningsCurrency string Earnings currency
featured boolean Listing is featured
groupSaleId integer Group sale ID (deprecated and unused)
homepage boolean Domain is promoted on homepage
internal boolean Is domain registered with (deprecated and unused)
listingId integer Listing identifier
makeOfferURL string External Make Offer Url (deprecated and unused)
method integer Domain transfer method (deprecated and unused)
minprice float Minimum price (deprecated, offer minimum price is now given in 'priceMinimum' field)
priceMinimum float Minimum price (only for listings)
name string Domain name
nameIDN string Domain name (internationalized)
note string Domain description
offers integer Number of received offers
pendingRental integer The domain is currently being rented (deprecated and unused)
portal string Marketplace portal where the auction is visible (deprecated and unused)
price float Current domain price
priceReseller integer Domain price on reseller sites (deprecated and unused)
saleType string Possible selling document (vat - invoice with VAT only, novat - invoice with VAT or invoice without VAT, person - invoice with VAT or sale without document)
sellerId string Seller identifier (null if user wants to be anonymus)
status string Listing status (deprecated and unused)
type string Listing type (auction or listing)
time integer Listing date as an Unix timestamp
typo string Domain typo detection (deprecated and unused)
utfname string Domain name (internationalized) (deprecated, this value is given in 'nameIDN' field)
views integer Number of listing views in past 30 days
visits integer Number of domain visits in past 30 days (-1 if user hides traffic information)