Function   /seller/auction/list

Function invocation

Function description

Returns the list of active auctions listed by the user.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
name string "" String to be searched in domain names
size integer 5000 Paging: number of list elements
start integer 0 Paging: starting list element
filter_name string "" Filter auctions by domain name (deprecated, please use 'name' parameter)
range integer 0 Type of auctions to show (deprecated and unused)
subtype integer 0 Subtype of auctions to show (deprecated and unused)
onlyWithOffers integer 0 Show only auction with offers (0 - show all, 1 - only with offers, 2 - only without offers)
order string "endtime" List sorting (can be sorted by name, bids, endtime, starttime, price, watches)

Return value

The list of auctions (list of structures with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
auctionId integer Auction identifier
bids integer Number of bids in the auction
binPrice integer Auction Buy It Now price (deprecated, Buy It Now price is given in 'priceBuyNow' field)
priceBuyNow float Auction Buy It Now price
bottomPrice integer Auction bottom price for dutch auctions (deprecated and unused)
cat1 string Auction category 1
cat2 string Auction category 2
cat3 string Domain category 3
cat4 string Domain category 4
cat5 string Domain category 5
cat6 string Domain category 6
cat7 string Domain category 7
cat8 string Domain category 8
cat9 string Domain category 9
currency string Auction currency
description string Auction description
dutchAuction boolean Dutch auction (deprecated and unused)
endtime integer Auction end time as a Unix timestamp
featured boolean Auction is featured
homepage boolean Auction is promoted on homepage
internal boolean Internal domain auction (deprecated and unused)
memberId string Winning user identifer
method integer Domain transfer method (deprecated and unused)
name string Domain name (in Punycode)
utfname string Domain name (internationalized) (deprecated, this value is given in 'nameIDN' field)
nameIDN string Domain name (internationalized)
paid boolean Whether the buyer has paid for the domain (deprecated, auction is paid if it has status 'paid')
portal string Marketplace portal where the auction is visible (deprecated and unused)
price float Actual auction price
private boolean Auction is private
promoted boolean Auction is promoted
reserveMet boolean Minimum price is met
reservePrice integer Auction reserve price (deprecated, Minimum price is given in 'priceMinimum' field)
priceMinimum float Auction minimum price
sellerId string Auction seller identifier
startPrice integer Auction starting price (deprecated, Start price is given in 'priceStart' field)
priceStart float Auction starting price
saleType string Possible selling document (vat - invoice with VAT only, novat - invoice with VAT or invoice without VAT, person - invoice with VAT or sale without document)
starttime integer Auction start time as a Unix timestamp
status string Auction status (one of active, canceled, finished, waiting, paid, unpaid)
topay boolean Whether auction has active payment (deprecated, auction has active payment if it has status 'waiting')
views integer Number of auction views in past 30 days
visits integer Number of domain visits in past 30 days
watched integer Number of users who are watching the auction
minBid float Minimal amount of next bid in auction