Function   /seller/hire/list

Function invocation

Function description

Returns the list of hire transactions, in which user sells domains.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
name string "" String to be searched in domain names
status string "" Hire status (one of pending, accepted, rejected, active, expired, finished, matured, unpaid, canceled, closed)
order string "name" List sorting (can be sorted by name, total, created, expires, accepted, deadline, next, months, monthsFinished)
size integer 5000 Page size
start integer 0 List start (for paging)

Return value

The list of hire transactions (list of structures with the following fields):

Field nameTypeDescription
hireId integer Hire identifier
buyType string Selling document selected by the buyer (vat - invoice from, novat - invoice without vat from seller company, person - without document)
saleType string Possible selling document (vat - invoice with VAT only, novat - invoice with VAT or invoice without VAT, person - invoice with VAT or sale without document)
currency string Hire currency
memberId string Buyer identifier
name string Domain name
nameIDN string Domain name (internationalized)
installment float Hire installment price
total float Total price
firstInstallment float Another price of first installment
months integer Hire duration in months
monthsFinished integer Already paid months
sellerId string Seller identifier
source string Transaction source (can be manual or listing)
status string Hire status
created integer Hire creation time as a Unix timestamp
deadline integer Transaction acceptance deadline time as a Unix timestamp
accepted integer Transaction acceptance or rejection time as a Unix timestamp
next integer Next installment time as a Unix timestamp
expires integer Expected transaction end time as a Unix timestamp