Function   /seller/options/set

Function invocation

Function description

It sets user marketplace listing options.

Input parameters

This function takes the following input parameters:

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
check boolean Only check for parameter correctness (deprecated and unused)
disableCanBeObserved boolean false The possibility to observe seller is disabled (deprecated, please use 'observationAllowed' parameter)
observationAllowed boolean YES The possibility to observe seller is allowed
newBidNotify boolean Inform user about new bids in his auctions (deprecated and unused)
requireUserVerification boolean Require user verification from people buying user's domains on the marketplace (deprecated and unused)
showCategories boolean Categories links to my domain list (deprecated and unused)
showDomainInfo boolean YES Show detailed domain information
showDomainTraffic boolean YES Show domain traffic
showDomainTranslations boolean YES Show domain translations
showEmail boolean YES Show link to contact user via email on the listings
showMyCategories boolean Show categories (deprecated and unused)
showNick boolean Show user's seller nick on the listings (deprecated and unused)
showObservers boolean Show observers on auction / market domain page (deprecated and unused)
showPortfolioLink boolean YES Show link to user's domain portfolio on the listings
googleCode string "" Google tag G-XXXXXXXXX or UA-XXXXXXXXX-X identifier which will be added on listings and auctions pages
facebookCode string "" Facebook Pixel which will be added on listings and auctions pages

Return value

Operation result (boolean value).