API Error types

Error types list

The following error types can be returned by API:

Code (status)Error type (errtype)Error type description
0 Error_Task_Warning Operation performed with warning
400 Error_Task_Parameter Wrong parameter value
401 Error_Status The object is in an invalid status
401 Error_Twofactor Twofactor authorization required
402 Error_Balance No funds on your account
403 Error_Security No permissions to perform the operation on this object
404 Error_Deprecated The functionality has been withdrawn
404 Error_Notfound No object found
405 Error_Check_Limit Too many domains have been given for checking
405 Error_Contact_Admin_Extra_Insufficient There are no relevant additional data for the administrative contact
405 Error_Contact_Admin_NotExists No defined administrative contact
405 Error_Contact_Extra_Insufficient There are no relevant additional data for the contact
405 Error_Contact_Invalid The profile contains invalid data
405 Error_Contact_NotExists The profile does not exist
405 Error_Contact_Noteu Domain holder must reside in the European Union
405 Error_Contact_Verify Incorrect verification code
405 Error_Contact_Wrong Wrong contact
405 Error_Domain Invalid domain
405 Error_Domain_AuthInfo Incorrect AuthInfo code
405 Error_Domain_Exists The domain already exists
405 Error_Domain_Hosts The domain has defined DNS servers
405 Error_Domain_Invalid Invalid domain name
405 Error_Domain_Locked The domain is blocked
405 Error_Domain_NS Incorrect name servers
405 Error_Domain_NoTransfer The domain may not be transferred
405 Error_Domain_NotExists Domain does not exist
405 Error_Domain_NotTransfer The domain is not being transferred
405 Error_Domain_Renewed The domain has been already renewed recently
405 Error_Domain_Retry Error while performing the operation, try again
405 Error_Domain_Status The domain status does not allow performing the operation
405 Error_Domain_Tag Operation blocked by the tag assigned to the domain
405 Error_Domain_Transfer The domain is being transferred
405 Error_Future_AuthInfo Incorrect AuthInfo code
405 Error_Future_Exists The option already exists
405 Error_Future_Invalid Invalid domain name
405 Error_Future_Locked The option has been blocked
405 Error_Future_NotExists The option does not exist
405 Error_Future_NotTransfer The option is not being transferred
405 Error_Future_Renewed The option has been already renewed recently
405 Error_Future_Transfer The option transfer is in progress
405 Error_Future_Transferred The option is already transferred
405 Error_Host_Address Incorrect host address
405 Error_Host_Blocked Incorrect IP address
405 Error_Host_Exists The provided host already exists
405 Error_Host_Invalid Invalid DNS host name
405 Error_Host_NotConfigured The DNS server is not configured to support the domain
405 Error_Host_NotExists The provided host does not exist
405 Error_Notsupported Operation not available for the domain
405 Error_Registry Registry error while performing the operation
405 Error_Task_Abort Operation aborted
405 Error_Task_Fatal Error while performing operation
405 Error_Task_Retry Error while performing the operation, try again
500 Error_API_Authorization Authorization error, wrong API key or password
500 Error_API_Permission API method not permitted for your API key
500 Error_Session Session lost
500 Error_Twofactor_Blocked Twofactor authorization has been blocked
501 Error_API_Method API method not exists
502 Error_API_Limit Request limit exceeded
502 Error_Privilege Operation not permitted for your account
503 Error_API API error
503 Error_API_Maintenance Maintenance break
503 Error_DB Database error
503 Error_DB_Deadlock Database error
503 Error_Internal Internal system error.
503 Error_PHP Application error
503 Error_Syntax Database error
503 Error_Twig Twig template error
503 Error_XML XML parsing error