Domain buying   /   Managing counteroffers

Function list

The following functions are available in this category:

/buyer/counteroffer/accept Accepts purchase counteroffer. An Escrow transaction for specified domain is started with the price indicated in the offer by the seller.
/buyer/counteroffer/get Returns information about a domain purchase counteroffer.
/buyer/counteroffer/list Returns the list of received counteroffers. The seller can propose a higher price to the buyer, and such proposition is called a counteroffer. Fuction retrieves counteroffer from seller to buyer (for buyer).
/buyer/counteroffer/list/count Returns the number of received counteroffers.
/buyer/counteroffer/past/list Returns the list of inactive received counteroffers.
/buyer/counteroffer/past/list/count Returns the number of inactive received counteroffers.
/buyer/counteroffer/reject Rejects a received counteroffer. The domain purchase offer is rejected and becomes inactive.