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Function list

The following functions are available in this category:

/domain/add Register domain.
/domain/authinfo Returns the AuthInfo code for specified domain.
/domain/autorenew/days/get Returns days before expires to start domain autorenewal.
/domain/autorenew/get Get automatic renew status for domain. If set and autorenewal is not globally blocked for account, then domain will be automatically renewed in proper time.
/domain/autorenew/set Set automatic renew for domain. If set, then member should not remember about expires time.
/domain/check Check status for input domains for registration.
/domain/contact/get Returns contact profile id for domain.
/domain/contact/set Set contact profile for domain.
/domain/contact/set/paid Payable change domain profile contact. It's allow to change owner of domain, between member's defined contacts (/contact/list) Change owner on some domains is payable.
/domain/created Returns the creation time for specified domain.
/domain/dns/add Add new DNS entry for domain.
/domain/dns/list Returns the list of domain DNS entries.
/domain/dns/list/count Returns the number of domain DNS entries.
/domain/dns/remove Remove DNS entry for domain.
/domain/expires Returns the expiration time for specified domain.
/domain/get It returns the domain information on user account.
/domain/hide It hides domain on domain list.
/domain/list It returns the list of domains on user account.
/domain/list/count It returns the number of domains on user account.
/domain/note/get It gets note for domain.
/domain/note/set It sets note for domain.
/domain/ns/get Returns name servers for domain.
/domain/ns/set Set pointing name servers for domain Nameservers allowed to use: - existing DNS from external domain ex., - existing DNS from $name - non existing DNS from $name with $ips provided.
/domain/past/list Returns the list of domains that were on user account.
/domain/past/list/count Returns the number of domains that were on user account.
/domain/pricelist Returns a domains price list.
/domain/reactivate Reactivates expiring domain.
/domain/redirect/get Returns domain redirection settings.
/domain/redirect/set Set domain redirection settings.
/domain/renew Renew domain for given period.
/domain/tag/assign It assigns tags to domain. Tag will be created if not exists.
/domain/tag/list It returns the list of tags that are assigned to domain.
/domain/tag/remove It removes tag which is assigned to domain.
/domain/unhide It unhides domain on domain list.