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Function list

The following functions are available in this category:

/check/domain/contact/set Cost of change contact profile for domain.
/check/domain/contact/set/paid Cost of change domain profile contact.
/check/domain/reactivate Cost of reactivate expiring domain.
/check/domain/renew Cost of renew domain.
/check/future/renew Cost of renew future.
/check/order/prolong Prolong order.
/check/seller/auction/add Cost of add new auction.
/check/seller/auction/cancel Cost of auction cancel.
/check/seller/auction/endtime/prolong Cost of change auction end time.
/check/seller/auction/lastminute/add Cost of add new auction last minute.
/check/seller/auction/option/add Cost of add new future auction.
/check/seller/auction/price/set Cost of change auction prices.
/check/transfer/in/add Cost of domain transfer into your account.
/check/transfer/out/add Cost of outgoing transfer for domain to other account.
/domain/price/get Returns domain price.