Domain buying   /   Making purchase offers

Function list

The following functions are available in this category:

/buyer/listing/buy Purchases a domain for a Buy It Now price. The domain is purchased for a Buy It Now price indicated on the marketplace. An Escrow transaction is immediately started for the domain.
/buyer/listing/installment Buy a domain that is set for installment sale on marketplace.
/buyer/listing/rental Rent domain that is set for rental on marketplace.
/buyer/negotiation/close Buyer's close negotiation.
/buyer/negotiation/event/list Buyer's negotiation events list.
/buyer/negotiation/event/list/count Buyer's negotiation events count.
/buyer/negotiation/hide Buyer's hide negotiation. If the negotiations are open, they will be closed.
/buyer/negotiation/list Buyer's active negotiation list.
/buyer/negotiation/list/count Buyer's active negotiation count.
/buyer/negotiation/past/list Buyer's inactive negotiation list.
/buyer/negotiation/past/list/count Buyer's inactive negotiation count.
/buyer/negotiation/unhide Buyer's unhide negotiation.
/buyer/offer/add Makes a purchase offer for a domain on the marketplace. A binding purchase offer is entered for the specified domain, and the seller is notifed via email so that they can act on the offer.
/buyer/offer/cancel Cancel offer made by buyer.
/buyer/offer/get Returns information about a domain purchase offer.
/buyer/offer/list Returns the list of submitted offers. The list contains purchase offers that have been submitted by the user, for domains being sold by other users.
/buyer/offer/list/count Returns the number of submitted offers.
/buyer/offer/past/list Returns the list of inactive submitted offers.
/buyer/offer/past/list/count Returns the number of inactive submitted offers.